Expedition 2011

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During the spring 2011 OCEANA conducted a two-month research expedition in the Baltic Sea. The objective of the expedition was to analyze the state of areas of special ecological importance in the region. Based on our scientific findings Oceana proposed the establishment of new Marine Protected Areas. Also, we called for a more strict management of those already declared. Oceana cooperated with the governments and other institutions of the region.

The research was conducted with the help of a remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), underwater photographs and videos. The material documented the marine biodiversity and the impacts of human activities on sensitive Baltic habitats as well as fisheries activity in the Baltic Sea.

Oceana’s 2011 Baltic Expedition, led by oceanographer Xavier Pastor, executive director of Oceana Europe, took place aboard the Hanse Explorer. The vessel is 48-metre long and a certified ice class expedition vessel build for long exploration voyages and diving operations, which has also been adapted to serve as a platform the ROV.

During the expedition, Oceana scientists from countries around the Baltic Sea worked together with other experienced international crew from Oceana. The crew included specialized divers, some of the world's best underwater photographers and videographers as well as scientists managing the ROV. CTD and more equipment allow also for analysis of oxygen, temperature and other oceanographic parameters levels.