End of Baltic Sea Expedition

Author: Christina Abel
4 June 2011

So, it must come to an end. Saturday the Baltic Sea Expedition finished. We arrived in Stralsund, Germany, where Hanse Explorer was transformed back to its normal look. This job took two days, as everything had to be packed properly and sent back to Spain. A lot of the stuff, including the ROV, is going to be used on Oceana’s next expedition in the Mediterranean Sea. Before arriving in Stralsund, we managed to do several underwater recording in the southern Baltic Sea. We did scuba diving and ROV dives in different offshore areas in Swedish, Danish and German waters. Off the sounth of Sweden, we had a dive with the best visibility recorded on the whole expedition. It was around 15 meters, which again revealed for us that the Baltic Sea is in a concerning status, especially compared to other seas. One of the divers made a dive in Cuban water earlier this year, where the visibility was 50 meters. Our last ROV dive on this expedition showed a sand bottom with plenty of flatfish.

We arrived to Stralsund Saturday in sunny weather, and could look back on an eventful, exciting and rewarding expedition in the whole Baltic Sea!