Peter Pierrou

Baltic Sea Project Communications Officer

[email protected]

When my father was 16 years old he sat up on his bike and rode down the city hills of Gothenburg towards the harbour. There he signed up as a crewmember on a disembarking ship. So while growing up I naturally heard his stories of life on the seven seas – sleeping in bunk beds, getting a tattoo (an anchor with a duck´s head) and watching live American wrestling – over and over again. When I was 5 he took me deep sea fishing. My first catch ever was an anglerfish. It was so ugly – it looked like a monster from hell. I started crying.

It was obvious I was not cut out for the life of a fisherman, but I loved the sea.

Many people consider the screams of the seagull as annoying. For me it’s the sound of home. I love the smell of salt water and the scent of sundried algae. I love the feeling of breaking the water surface on a warm summer’s night. Working for Oceana gives me a chance to influence how we preserve and protect the source of all these things – the ocean.